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the starting synth is pretty ugly for me...i would left it out. Rather put the piano from the end on its place. The song isnt bad. Has a nice atmosphere, nostalgic kinda.

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GobSmacked responds:

Thx for the critic. I am glad you told me were some of the weaknesses of this track are. Have a nice one m8 ;D

Not the classic dnb song for sure, the beat and the bass are too weak in my opinion, at least for the drum n bass genre...maybe its the headphones issue. But apart from that I really liked it, its kinda dreamy and nostalgic, the main melody is soothing in a way.

Alloud responds:

The weakness in the mix is what's kind of ruining the beat and the bass. I can't hear things properly with what I have, and my mastering skills were never stellar to begin with so it's kind of frustrating. It's still DnB, just closer to liquid. I may revisit this in the future and silently fix it after I get new cans.

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool song, I liked your melodies and the overall atmosphere of the song. Really nice groove to it, lifts me up.

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TheHeartgrinder responds:

Thanks. It strays a bit from my usual style. For me, it was as refreshing to make as it is to listen to it.

I'm glad you liked it.


I can relate to this really well:) Everything about this song is great except the fact that its a bit repetitive...maybe work on it a bit more and add some variations to the main part. In that way this would be an truly amazing song. Anyway really like your style

MTLane responds:

Thanks :D

Very uplifting

I think this has great potential...nice transitions plus dangerous pace equals great fun. Beginning was a blast, you had that stylish introduction which really got me movin. The only thing I didn`t like was the synth that started at 1:18, but that`s personal preference really:)

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Droplifter responds:

Thanks man, I spose I can always change the synth sound, I did like the melody more than the preset :)


Great song!

I don`t like the classic dubstep everyone is crazy for, but...this is different, waay more atmospheric, original and it doesn`t hurt my ears a bit. Nice mastering, great transitions and rythm. This is perfect music for massive illegal parties.

bIackbird responds:

Thanks man! Appreciate it!

Very smooth

I liked the atmosphere. Nice transitions, great rythm and flow. The title also fits perfectly, I can totally see this in a movie.

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the music. I would absolutely love to hear something of mine in a movie some day. :D

Why isnt this longer??

Great vocals, who is that? Anyway been browsing through your stuff and I must say I like your music...it%u02D9s sincere and inspiring. Your love for music is recognized.

Keep going bro

MTLane responds:

Thanks bro so much! The vocals are done by me. :D <3


The main melody sounds familiar...like from one of Tarantino┬┤s movies.

RyeGuyHead responds:

Funny you mention that, considering I just watched Pulp Fiction the other day

That`s some good spiting

and a nice beat to it....that ses guy sure sounds lame. Lyrics fierce as always

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Lejin responds:

Yea dawg he SPITTED on em! LOL the beat is fire too i know and ses's bitch ass is still snitching! He even tries to snitch on honest reviews like yours right here! Its too bad that ses has no fans, whats a flop drop ass bum mommas boy.

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