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the starting synth is pretty ugly for me...i would left it out. Rather put the piano from the end on its place. The song isnt bad. Has a nice atmosphere, nostalgic kinda.

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GobSmacked responds:

Thx for the critic. I am glad you told me were some of the weaknesses of this track are. Have a nice one m8 ;D

cool song, nice mixing skills. Anyway drop at 2:18 promises a lot but then nothing special happens. Maybe you should make the last 40-50 seconds of the song more interesting and pumping cause the song really has potential.

Nice mixing, cool synths BUT...your drum sample gets repetitive after the first minute. Change it up a bit, add some variety to the main beat and If I was you I would change that bass kick...somehow it doesn`t fit and its not raw enough(at least in my opinion). But if you were going for a mellow minimalistic style then i guess its good.

WOW! I likeeeee. Really fun and uplifting, production is top quality as usual. Never gets boring:)

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Not the classic dnb song for sure, the beat and the bass are too weak in my opinion, at least for the drum n bass genre...maybe its the headphones issue. But apart from that I really liked it, its kinda dreamy and nostalgic, the main melody is soothing in a way.

Alloud responds:

The weakness in the mix is what's kind of ruining the beat and the bass. I can't hear things properly with what I have, and my mastering skills were never stellar to begin with so it's kind of frustrating. It's still DnB, just closer to liquid. I may revisit this in the future and silently fix it after I get new cans.

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool song, I liked your melodies and the overall atmosphere of the song. Really nice groove to it, lifts me up.

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TheHeartgrinder responds:

Thanks. It strays a bit from my usual style. For me, it was as refreshing to make as it is to listen to it.

I'm glad you liked it.

Very original and beats the shit out of generic dubstep every day. But in my opinion the mix is a tad too loud and the sounds are a bit too sharp. Maybe you could compress the whole thing a bit and work on the overall mastering to blend the sounds better and to make it softer, easier to listen. I know dupstep is ment to be raw and aggressive but your mix hurts my ears a bit (literally). Aside from that...great idea for the song, quite special, certainly has the potential.


I can relate to this really well:) Everything about this song is great except the fact that its a bit repetitive...maybe work on it a bit more and add some variations to the main part. In that way this would be an truly amazing song. Anyway really like your style

MTLane responds:

Thanks :D


yummy. Top class mixing/mastering, great choice of synths, beautiful melody, nice progression...I can truly feel your song.

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Great flow!

Easy on the ears and quite relaxing. Nice mixing skills:)

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