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I didnt liked how the bass sounded, it was too loud and it didnt quite fit with the drums and other synths. But everything else was pretty much allright.

typeMARS responds:

thx. this is my 1st attempt for this type of music, so... yeah.

good stuff

nice rythm...it lifts you up for sure:) However I think the piano didnt quite fit..but thats me.

this should be on first place...

nice song...it had a nice flow and the use of instruments was very interesting and original. Definetly perfect for a video game, keep going man:)

Groovebot responds:

Thanks! I haven't made anything new in a long while, but these reviews are giving me some good inspiration to keep going! Happy to hear you liked it!

sweeeet stuff....

I liked your bass, your melody and your drums...but maybe you should speed up the pace a bit.

Wickedlat responds:

thank you for your criticism but i don't really like electro that go over 130 Bpm but it's only a personal preference :)

solid stuff

Liked the background sound effects,your main melody was catchy but I think you should pace it up a bit...speed up the tempo and use more reverb on those drums to make them sound more powerful.

great loop!

This sounds perfect and there is no need for changes. I really liked the rythm and it lifted me up...looking forward to hear the full song

your song was sweet but...

at some parts I heard a melody that was a little too similar to the one from the alice deejay song, I think your song could live without it cause like this it sounds a bit unoriginal.

dj-Davey responds:

Yeah, that's what one of my cousins said after I showed them the song, I didn't know about the song though :S but yeah when I took a look at it did seem similar. But I didn't copy it :S anyways, thanks for the rate and review.

some great beats...

I like the part from to 1:10-1:45, also I think your background bass melody is great but your main synth is too loud and too dry for my taste.

intro is great...

nice strings, also your main melody is a blast, but the synth you use ruins it. I think you should definetly change that synth and use a deeper tone...also those hardcore drums dont fit. Dont get me wrong...I think its a very potential song but with some changes

this is perfect

I am amazed with your musical knowledge...your songs are waaay too good for NG. In my opinion you are one of the most talented artists on this site, seriously

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