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add more drum beats to make it sound more aggressive...and maybe you should also make your tempo a bit faster. Anyway nice little loop...

like a pro....

everything sounded perfect, atmosphere was great as well. But what I liked the most about this song was its flow...brilliant

djInTheDark responds:

I tried to mix this as best I could, no distortion, no clipping. The atmosphere I'm gald is good because thats probably what I worked the hardest on, and evidently had to use smaller format to convert it from wav to mp3. The flow was my main concern throughout the entire song. I tried to make it as smooth as possible, the smoother the song, the less repetitive it would be in the long run and it would allow me to make it larger.

Tanx a lot for the review! More to come for this mix!
DJ InTheDark


really liked that house/dnb combination. Great use of instruments, nice rythm, sweet melodies and kickass drums...keep it up this was great

quality stuff....

but I would suggest you to add a main melody that will stick out to it because this does sound a bit like a background track...but a great background nevertheless. Liked the drums very much as well as buildups. Nice work overall, if you manage to come up with some suitable main melody this should be a kickass song

D-Chain responds:

Thnx bornacar, i shall try the trick with the main melody aswell as my earlier review to Shady to add a piano to the track :)

very potential melody...

work on it...use more reverb, another synth maybe and you could really make a great dance track

the intro doesnt fit...

drums are way too loud, little more reverb wouldnt kill you, also work on the mastering...as for the melody I think its great and it has potential...but the song overall needs more work

Winstomp responds:

I am still learning how to use the program to its fullest capabilities and I will keep that in mind for the next song I make. Yes I know the drum is very loud almost blew up my speaker lol I will try and fix that. thanks for the review

sounds way better now....

when you removed those kicks, liked the old song name better than this one but I guess it doesnt really matter cause either way it will be a kickass song when you finish it

DJ-xTc responds:

xD Thx,
I called it "Disco Journey" because i couldn't think of anything else, and because the Arp I used was called "Disco Arp."
I would like to make my own Arp but i've never created my own =D.

Thx for the Review,


very very good...

cant give you any constructive criticism cause youre way better than me all I can say is that your song is catchy, fun and it sounds like one of those club hits...great

change those drum kicks....

they dont fit, as for the rest I really think you made a great catchy melody that makes me wanna dance...think you should make a song out of this

DJ-xTc responds:

i was tryn to make a hardstyle melo and this is what i made, ill make this into a trance/dance song since it sounds more like trance than hardstyle.
Thx for the Review

The intro doesnt fit the song at all...

its a nice intro but its completely inadequate however the rest of the song is great just change that intro

SpazeMusic responds:

Haha it's hardstyle, most of all hardstyle tracks have a very stupid intro/outro that "doesn't fit" so good :P
anyway thanks for the review!

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