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I have nothing more to say than that...really soothing and relaxing and also a little sad in a way. Listen to my song "early summer morning" if you find some time...maybe it can improve your bad mood a bit

P.S dont be depressed...you are a great composer:)

Chinashima responds:

Thanks man. I heard your song it was great ^_^

If I had a choice I would choose not to be depressed xD But I don't... Sooo yeah :P


I agree with Torkleson in almost everything...piano was great but your bass definetly didnt fit to the songs atmosphere. Anyway it was very good...think it would fit perfect in some japanese movie

FairSquare responds:

Yeah, Torkelson had some great points :-)
Thanks for the review! :D

dobra stvar

svaka cast...odlicni bubnjevi, dobra melodija...to je to. Jebote prvi put da sam naletio na nekog s balkana :) Nema nas bas puno tu na newgroundsu...

ultranovax6 responds:

Hah, nisam se ni ja bas nadao da cu na balkanca naletiti ovde :)
A uglavnom hvala i pozdrav :)

too repetitive

sorry but thats the fact...it also sounded a bit empty and simple. If you try to add more instruments and more effects maybe it would be better. Also adding more different melodies wouldnt kill you...keep trying

Nitrocore responds:

Thanks for your review, maybe i'll give it another go one day, but not right now, anyway thanks for listening

think you should finish it...

cause it sounds great except the part from 1:10 to 1:30 which I did not like. Anyway I think you managed to make a great atmosphere with nice use of drums and instruments. The beginning sounds dangerous and I also liked how it developed...think you shouldnt give up on it.

great rmx dude

dont like the original song but this rmx of yours was a blast! Definetly different then most of the other remixes and fucking epic sounding....


add more drum beats to make it sound more aggressive...and maybe you should also make your tempo a bit faster. Anyway nice little loop...

really sweet...

honestly enjoyed it and liked the title too:)

like a pro....

everything sounded perfect, atmosphere was great as well. But what I liked the most about this song was its flow...brilliant

djInTheDark responds:

I tried to mix this as best I could, no distortion, no clipping. The atmosphere I'm gald is good because thats probably what I worked the hardest on, and evidently had to use smaller format to convert it from wav to mp3. The flow was my main concern throughout the entire song. I tried to make it as smooth as possible, the smoother the song, the less repetitive it would be in the long run and it would allow me to make it larger.

Tanx a lot for the review! More to come for this mix!
DJ InTheDark


really liked that house/dnb combination. Great use of instruments, nice rythm, sweet melodies and kickass drums...keep it up this was great

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