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nice man

I could never hate you...cause you`re the player and I love the game.

Lejin responds:

Haha I respect it, Hating is for failures!

its nice

finish it:)

you`re so badass

hilarious lyrics bro

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Lejin responds:

Haha I know right but its even funnier when you know this shit is based on real life events. Thanks for the Review my n***a!

- Mr. Big Bad Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- A-GANG (Almighty Records)
- Real-Over-Fake -(Approved)

dont like happy dance much

but your song is pretty good and your electro bass is great

Kr1z responds:

Thanks so much for the honest comment!
I've been working quite long on this, and I'm glad you like the bass!

sounds more trance to me...

its not bad...however your song sounds empty at parts. Maybe you could use more reverb and delays to make your sounds richer

ladyninjitsu responds:

thanks! i'm relatively new to this and i haven't played around with EQ-ing or any effects...but i'm learning :)

very good

I feel your anger:)

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YouriX responds:

You better! ;)

I agree with trash man...

this could be better...the sound that starts at 0:13 is hurting my ears through the whole song, maybe you should work on that synth, its repetitive, loud and weird. Anyway the second part of the song (1:30-end) was an improvement and sounded more hallowenish

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OceanPath responds:

Thanks! :D I know its 2 loud but it was when i put it in Fl studio to export it as a Mp3 file the sound was turned up a bit but i just tought " you just have to put down the volume on you headset :P Sorry if it hurted you hears that was not intended ^^

Not bad

sounds dangerous.


prvi put da sam naletio na nekog iz zagreba ovdje:) Ok ti je stvar, svidja mi se glavna melodija (jedino sto se malo previse ponavlja) al trebo bi malo pojacati bass i drum kick tak da ti pjesma zvuci energi%u010Dnije i da ima vise ritma.

DJDado responds:

hehe.. ti si prvi hrvat kojeg sam vidio ovdje... to mi je jedna od prvih stvari koje sam napravio samo sam ovdje malo efekata ubacio i tako to.. a ovo za bass nemrem stavit ja%u010Di jer onda glupo zvu%u010Di....

ali thx svejedno


sometimes I feel the same man. All I can say to you is that being so mature at your age can be really hard and depressing...I`m 19 and most of the people my age aren`t as mature as you. I think you need to stop thinking so much and start living and eventually you will get all the answers you are looking for. I know what I`m talking about cause I also think too much and worry too much. Anyway your song was pretty emotional and original in a way...I liked it, especially your guitar:)

P.S don`t worry you will find someone...you are too smart not to

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